10 awesome internet hacks to make your life better

1. Logging out of Facebook remotely

Ever checked Facebook on a friend’s or family member’s device and then realised, with horror, that you forgot to log out? Never fear, there’s a simple, but little known, way to log out of your profile remotely. Navigate to “settings” using the drop-down in the right hand corner of your screen, then “security”, then “when you’re logged in”. From this screen, you will be able to close an open session, on whichever device it’s still running on.

Facebook log out remotely
The Facebook page enabling remote logout. Photograph: Facebook

2. Searching incomplete phrases on Google

When trying to remember a particular quote, phrase, proverb or lyric, it’s often the case that we half-remember, missing words or skewing them slightly.

A little known Google trick makes it much easier to identify them. Putting an asterisk in a quoted sentence will indicate that a word is missing (replaced with the asterisk). This makes it much more likely that the specific term you are looking for will be returned, rather than results which just happen to include the other words or rest of the sentence.


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