Apple is trying to reinvent the keyboard in future Macs

Apple is trying to reinvent the keyboard in future Macs

Well, even before the new 2016 Macs are out (which is due on October 27th), rumors are already going around for the next generation of Macs set to come out on 2018. Wall Street Journal reports that Apple may be thinking about using e-ink based keyboards for the 2018 line up of Macs.Apple is known to do crazy things and the company is said to be in active talks with Sonder design to license the technology that will give the keyboards the ability to dynamically display different characters like emojis, foreign language characters, special command functions besides the usual QWERTY keys.

Apple is already rumored to be implementing a touch OLED display in place of the function in the new Macs set to launch at an event on October 27. This will supposedly set things up for the e-ink keyboards in the future.

The e-ink based keyboards could be adopted for the entire line up of MacBooks, including the MacBook Pro, the MacBook Air and the MacBook. Individual keys caps will have e-ink surfaces to make the keys dynamically change the characters.

In the original iPhone keynote in 2007, Apple’s late CEO Steve Jobs made fun of hardware based keyboards on cell phones which had static interfaces. With this technology, Tim Cook may be carrying over that philosophy to Apple’s lineup of laptops as well.

This could make things a whole lot user-friendly and offer enhanced keyboard shortcuts for software like Photoshop. The market is already filled with third party keyboard skins that modify the labels on the keyboard.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has been rumored to be in conversation with both Sonder Design and Taiwan based Foxconn which makes most of Apple’s products out of factories based in China, to implement the technology

Source: Apple is trying to reinvent the keyboard in future Macs