Facebook to expand ‘Facebook at Work’ to hundreds of companies

Facebook to expand ‘Facebook at Work’ to hundreds of companies

Facebook will now expand ts business-oriented site, Facebook at Work to hundreds of companies. Facebook at Work, which had  started off its pilot program in January this year with up to 100 businesses may reportedly release the ‘freemium product’ by the end of this year.

In conversation with Re/Code, Julien Codorniou, head of Facebook at Work stated that when exactly, Facebook will launch the product is still unclear. Facebook has been using a version of Facebook at Work internally for years. However, reports first surfaced that it was building an office tool for other companies almost 15 months ago.

Facebook at Work has news feeds, chats, groups and other features that can be found on the widely-used social network, but sharing can only be done with people inside a particular company.

Codorniou added that, “More than 100 companies are using Facebook at Work as part of the beta, which is still growing. Many of those companies are just now starting to expand the product internally.”

Once Facebook at Work is live, Facebook will start to actively pitch the product through its platform partnerships team, which means it will be in direct competition with Slack and Microsoft, which owns Yammer, points out the report.

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