Get the most of Android for your TV

Get the most of Android for your TV

Versatility is Android’s forte – it can be so much more than just a multimedia player.Paired with the right apps and accessories, Android boxes can stream, download, be your gaming consoles and double up as free video conferencing solutions with Skype. ET shows you how.WITH AN ANDROID BOX

Downloader- – The low power requirements and the option of expandable storage makes Android boxes great as dedicated download machines. Just install a large memory card or connect an external USB hard drive and queue things up to download. You can even shut-off the connected display to save more power while the downloads complete.

For podcasts, we recommend getting the free Podcasts To Go app. It offers a neat user interface with an option to set auto downloads of each new podcast episode from your subscription list. In addition, it also keeps a track of new episodes and sends a notification when they become available. If you use torrents to download content (a number of sites now offer legal content download via torrents), then uTorrent has a free download app available for Android devices that is easy to use and loaded with features.


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