Heroic Labs makes building mobile, HTML5, and Unity games easier

Years ago, it was probably easier for a developer to create a game: you just had to worry about building for game consoles — yes, you did have to deal with how it would play on the Nintendo, Sony Playstation, Microsoft Xbox, and maybe even the Sega Genesis and PC. But fast forward to today and it’s a much different world. How can developers find sanity in this complex environment?

Like a superhero, Heroic Labs arrives to save the day — or at least it certainly hopes it can give it a worthy shot. The Y Combinator-backed company is launching today with the belief it can be the Amazon Web Services (AWS) for game developers, helping them to not only scale, but also providing them the social functionality that they need to help their apps take off.

Started by engineers Chris Molozian, Andrei Mihu, and Mo Firouz, Heroic Labs offers an API that enables game developers to quickly add things like multiplayer capabilities, social and competitive features right into games (e.g. chat, asset delivery for live updates, shared storage for user-generated content, and more) without needing to deal with a server backend.


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Heroic Labs’s quest makes building mobile, HTML5, and Unity games easier and more social | GamesBeat | Games | by Ken Yeung.