How Apple can improve the iPhone for business?



With the iPhone 6s set to debut at a media event on September 9, many of us are on tenterhooks wondering how Apple will improve upon its previous smartphone models. Both the iPhone 6 and its bigger, more expensive partner product, the iPhone 6 Plus, offered stunning advancements, but failed to land five stars in our reviews – though they both came very close, with 4.5 stars each. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

But this isn’t about perfection, at least, not when it comes to the average businessperson’s needs. And it is in that realm where the iPhone has consistently failed to solve a number of shortcomings. It’s not just their hefty pricetags that keeps the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus from dominating the business world. These devices present certain persistent shortcomings. Issues around durability, call functionality, and app multitasking are just a few that Apple needs to address – and has a chance to with the iPhone 6s.

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