Indian IT companies face the threat of losing out on the outsourcing segment



BENGALURU: After nearly two decades of outsourcing back-office software projects to Indian IT firms such as Infosys and Wipro, some global corporates such as US retailer Lowe’s are now bringing back software projects to their own centres, potentially depriving homegrown software exporters of millions of dollars of business.

In an exclusive interview with ET, Lowe’s chief information officer Paul D Ramsay said the company was completely revamping its traditional outsourcing strategy and would start shifting a lot of its software development and maintenance into its own centres.

“We traditionally have used a lot of third parties in Bangalore. And part of our Bangalore play is to insource back our capabilities into our GIC (global in-house centre) in Bangalore,” Ramsay told ET.

“Our strategy is to insource core capability, core functionality in the US and also here in Bangalore. And has that impacted our third parties? Absolutely.”


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Indian IT companies face the threat of losing out on the lucrative outsourcing segment – The Economic Times.