Is Apple’s watchOS 2 upgrade really worth it?

Is Apple’s watchOS 2 upgrade really worth it?

Wearable tech is one of those things that you might as well keep up with, even if it’s not on your wrist. In developed economies, it’s even become part of the regulation lexicon in online teaching and schools that pony up the extra cash, but it’s not as common as handheld devices. Until there’s a killer app that makes wearable tech irresistible, here’s something hot off the press.

The Apple Watch, which was supposed to have a significant software update last week has now finally made the watchOS 2 available for Watch users. The update was reportedly delayed due to the discovery of a major bug shortly before launch.

This new software brings about changes such as the addition of new watch faces, third-party app complications, new capabilities in Mail, Friends and Digital Touch and support for third party apps running natively. Users can directly download watchOS 2 via an update on the iPhone’s Watch app.

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