Kick-start ‘agile’ on your marketing team..How to?

Few approaches, processes, or methods can be taken off the rack and immediately put to work without some adjustment. Every team, company culture, and project has its own unique qualities that must be taken into consideration. Agile is no exception. However, once it’s up and running, it has built-in processes that improve effectiveness and fit over time.

That said, Agile needs some momentum before these built-in processes can take effect. Here’s how to get that momentum going.

1. Talk shop with your peers

If your company already has Agile implemented by another group (e.g. development or product management) that’s a great place to start gathering advice. While different teams may have very different functions, they do tend to share the same company culture. Connecting with the Agile leaders within your company will allow you to benefit from what they’ve already learned. The fact is that there are lots of options, body types, and suit styles to choose from.

If there are other marketers within your company that have experience with Agile, that’s a huge advantage because they’ll be able to provide insights that non-marketers won’t. Remember that Agile was originally developed for software development, not marketing, and marketers are still figuring out how to interpret Agile in the marketing context.

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