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New features in Xiaomi MiUi 7

  • By Surbhi Chawla

Xiaomi had announced its MiUi 7 in China last week and today, the same has been showcased in the Indian market. Xiaomi MiUi is based on the Android 5.1. Just like any other OS upgrade, it too brings in nifty new features apart from fixing some of the bugs that its previous version had.

Here are a few things that are truly interesting in the MiUi 7

System UIs

At the very beginning of the presentation, Hugo Barra shared that the Xiaomi MiUi 7 is “designed for you”. What he meant by this was that you can customise your phone more extensively now. To begin with, there are four system UIs that Xiaomi will offer which you can set when you first set up your phone. These UIs are Rose, Pink Blush, Ocean Breeze and High Life.


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