Seven highlights of the new mobile OS of Apple iOS 9

Seven highlights of the new mobile OS of Apple iOS 9

Apple’s new mobile operating system is all set to get an update this fall with iOS 9 set to run on upcoming, as well as some existing Apple devices. Here are the key highlights of iOS 9 that makes it a much-needed update to the iOS 8.

Less space

The space required for iOS 9 has been significantly reduced. Unlike previous iOS update capacities, the space required by iOS 9 has been dropped by less than half. iOS 9 will only come as a 1.8GB installation size instead of a whopping 4.6GB of iOS 8. This would come as a big relief to combat storage issues.


Apple is known to drop support for older devices. However, this time, all previous devices supported by iOS 8 will run iOS 9. The free upgrade will be offered this fall. This means iOS 9 will be seen on all phones from iPhone 4S to iPhone 6 Plus; and tablets such as iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad 2, iPad 3rd gen, iPad 4th gen, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3 as well as the 5th gen iPod Touch. The low space and support for larger number of devices will ensure longevity of the usage of its devices.

Search API

Apple has launched a search API for iOS 9, offering a huge improvement to the search feature. It will allow developers to index and link out their apps, making it easier to discover their content through the native search experience on iOS 9. Basically, users will be able to search not only apps or content from web, but also data within apps. This doesnt come as a surprise, considering recently Google started showing results from Android apps that users didn’t have installed on their phones.

Brings relief to iPad users 

iPad power-users also get some much needed features such as short cuts for cut, copy, paste functions; a new mode that turns the keyboard into a trackpad and a multi-tasking mode for the iPad. Just like with the OS X El Capitan, the iOS 9 will also support multi-tasking mode on the iPad. You can now have two apps open side-by-side on the iPad, a feature that we have seen on many Android tablets and phones.

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