The 8 coolest cars for technophiles – on any budget


1. Porsche Mission E

*Swoon* Honestly, who doesn’t want one of these? This is electric car is exactly the sort of thing you had in your mind as a kid when you imagined what the future would look like. Porsche says that its customers don’t just want to drive fast, but to charge their cars fast too, so this is going to have a potential charging time of just 15 minutes, which Porsche says will be good for a range of 311 miles – although that number will come in lower if you’re hitting those top speeds. You’ll just have to wait until 2019 to get your hands on one…

2. Tesla Model X

This relatively new start-up made all the big, established car manufacturers sit up and take notice with its frankly amazing Model S saloon – the Porsche Mission E is proof of that. Now it’s the turn of this Model X to make waves in the SUV market, promising to be just as good on the numbers as its saloon sibling, only with seven seats and some really cool falcon wing rear doors. We’ll be honest, we want one just for that.

3. McLaren P1

The price makes this an option for app start-up billionaires and few others, but there’s simply no cooler or faster car with a tech slant on the planet than the P1, McLaren’s flagship hypercar. With a 3.8-litre twin-turbocharge V8 petrol engine mated to an electric motor, it will see you good to a 903bhp power output – and it’s blisteringly quick too. Whether it’s Silicon Valley or Shoreditch that you’re cruising, there’s no car with a bigger tech caché than this. You’re only real problem is tracking down one of the 375 in existence, as the limited production line sold out in the blink of a tweet at a starting price of £866k.

4. Honda NSX

If your budget can’t quite stretch to a P1, but you’re looking for a supercar, then you might want to consider stepping back a bit to this, the next generation NSX. Although it shares a name with the iconic car of the 90s-early 2000s, and also uses a mid-mounted V6 engine, that’s where the resemblance stops. This time around that V6 is twin-turbocharge, has an all-new nine-speed dual-clutch auto gearbox and three – yes, three! – electric motors. One assists acceleration, braking and transmission shifts, while the other two each drive a front wheel. Very tech, very awesome. The price? Around £100k. Delivery starts early-2016.

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