Using Heat Maps to Increase Content Performance

Using Heat Maps to Increase Content Performance

Is my piece of content performing?

It’s a question every marketer is plagued with, but one that often goes unanswered.

Sure, you can log into Google Analytics and pinpoint who is coming from what source and at what volume. You can add up all your social shares. Maybe you’ve even used this adjusted bounce rate solution to make a more accurate measurement of whether or not someone has actually bounced from your article.

But how are you really evaluating what people are engaging and interacting with on a particular piece of content?

That’s a little more tricky.

Wouldn’t it be easier to track where people are clicking on your content, or the amount of time they spend viewing each area?

Admittedly, I’m sure many of you have heard or read about heat mapping technology that can help you do this. Or maybe you’ve just been asking yourself, “do heat maps actually work?”

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