Wireless desktop set to become a reality in 2016?

The relentless application of Moore’s Law to its roadmap means that, over the past two decades, semiconductor giant Intel has been able to cram an exponentially larger amount of compute power in smaller die areas, slashing the power consumption/dissipation at the same time.

Add the lack of competition in the x86 arena, the tepid PC market and the notable absence of mainstream, non-gaming software that can bring top of the range computers to their knees and you understand why Intel and its partners have been looking for innovative ways to add value to the personal computer.

This is where Sanjay Vora comes in. As Intel’s VP of User Experience, he oversees the entire process that links users to products and beyond to a multitude of partners (ISVs, developers, OEMs/ODMs). “The User Experience effort at Intel started a few years ago,” he told TechRadar Pro during an interview at IFA, and it saw “tens of thousands of users” being interviewed about what they do with their computers.


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